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Episode 20: Health Points Panel Debate <> Ethics of Health Gamification

May 11, 2022

It’s the final episode of Series 1 of Health Points and we’ve ended with a bang. This episode was recorded at the Gamification Europe Conference including a stellar health gamification panel to discuss and debate the ethics of health gamification. The panellist include:

Oliver Korn, professor for Human Computer Interaction (HCI) at Offenburg University, Germany and director of the Affective & Cognitive Institute with research area on assistive technologies, emotions in and game design. He co-founded the software company KORION where he continues his work there as a strategic advisor.

Author and ‘life-gamer’ Vicortia Ichizli-Bartels. Victoria is the author of 21 books, with nine of them focusing on how to turn life activities into games. She is also an instructor, coach and consultant in the area of Self-Gamifcation.

Melis Abacioglu is a serial entrepreneur with three major, industry-moving startups under her belt which includes being the founder of Wellbees, an HR Tech product, specifically a corporate wellbeing platform that works to create a world where everybody reaches her potential whilst being caring to one another. Wellbees serves over 30K employees in 20 companies and 7 countries.

Pete and I will be back in the autumn for Series 2 of Health Points. We’d like to thank all our guests over Series 1:

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